INSPIRATion & care

With the Amaryllis you get a beautiful, eye-catching flower at home. 



Amaryllis is wonderful to use in your floral arrangements. The central position of the Amaryllis creates a very impressive look. In addition, each type of flower or green can be used to fill up your vase.

Take a look at our photos or for inspiration at home or at your company!






Care tips

  • Cut the hollow stems with a sharp knife straight before they are processed in a flower arrangement or vase work.

  • Make sure your Amaryllis placed in a clean vase with clean water. When the water becomes turbid, it is good to refresh the water and cut off another piece of the stem.

  • Cut flower food does not necessarily have to be used.

  • Keep the Amaryllis at a temperature between 4 an 8 degrees Celsius to enjoy the Amaryllis as long as possible.

  • To prevent the stems from curling, a piece of tape around the stem before it is put in the vase is enough. The stem can also be cut in to stimulate the curling, this ensures a unique view at your table.

    * Always make sure that your Amaryllis is not too close to a fruit bowl, because fruit will wilt your flower faster.


Processing tips

  • Are you afraid your stem will break due to the large, characteristic flowers of the Amaryllis? A stick in the hollow stem takes these worries quickly away.

  • A vase of Amaryllis with an addition of green leaves like Phoenix Roebelenii makes a beautiful full vase without further additions needed.

  • With the use of floral foam, it is best make a hole in the size of the stem. Through this approach, the stem is not damaged when the Amaryllis is put in the floral foam.